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The Korean War
-- The Forgotten Conflict --

Americans of Japanese Ancestry
In the Korean War

Stories of Those Who Served

A Series of Unpublished Eye-Witness Accounts
-- From Over 75 Japanese-Americans --

-- By Robert M. Wada --

Over 5,000 Combat Americans
-- A First Person Account of America's History --


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Americans of Japanese Ancestry
In the Korean War

Stories of Those Who Served
By Robert M. Wada

8˝ x 11 Softcover
226 Pages - 290 Illustrations
War Memoirs from the 1950s
-- Over 40 unpublished Photos --
Based upon 75 First Person Accounts

ISBN: 978-1891030-76-5



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The American of Japanese Ancestry In the Koran War

Roll Call

 "It is the first book to choreograph and chronicle the myriad stories of Americans of Japanese Ancestry hailing from places far and wide throughout the United States who graciously provided their private narratives along with numerous exclusive photographs to compose their absorbing accounts."

--   Robert M. Wada, Charter President of the JAKWV

"Wave after wave was thrown against the hill now held by a single machine gunner. When finally he could hold out no longer, Corporal Miyamura sought shelter in a covered bunker."

A series of 75 first person accounts of the Korean War from Americans of Japanese Ancestry. Many who received the Distinguished Service Cross and one, the Congressional Medal of Honor: Hiroshi “Hershey” Miyamura.

Produced by: Japanese Americans in the Korean War, Inc

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