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Douglas Westfall

Douglas was born on Wilshire Blvd. in downtown Los Angeles at the end if the 1940s. He began writing history at age 10 and went into the family line of teaching at age 25, having received his degree in education at California State University Long Beach. After 15 years of teaching in both public schools and industry, he started his publishing business in 1990. During the past 26 years he has produced over 100 books on America's history and has been consulted on several documentary films. He lives in historic Old Towne Orange, a frequent location for the film industry.          Latest Book

Abraham Basilio

Abraham was born and raised in Santa Ana, CA. He took an interest in History early on in his education and enjoyed studying Orange County and its rich history. His goal is to inspire the younger generation in Santa Ana in understanding their local history and honoring their city for its historical significance. He is a recent graduate of California State University Fullerton earning his BA in Political Science and American Studies. He now writes for The Paragon Agency.  Latest Book

Kathleen Gunton

Kathleen is a poet and photographer who is never quite sure if photos feed her writing or if words invite the picture. She has been writing and publishing poetry for over 30 years. Her work can be found in print and online in publications such as Commonweal, First Things, Ellipsis, Hawaii Review, The Lyric, North Dakota Review, Rockhurst Review, and Rhino -- to name a few. Her honors include numerous Pushcart nominations. She graduated with distinction from CSULB and is a member of Sigma Tau Delta.  Kathleen has lived in the city of Orange for 30 years. This is her second collection of poems with The Paragon Agency.   Latest Book

"American society surfaced from the depths of World War II with altered perspectives that have since shaped the current culture."—Arianna Ambe
Arianna Ambe

Arianna holds a degree in English, History, and Music. Her passion for storytelling led her to write books for The Paragon Agency. It is an honor for her to bring history to new audiences, as she believes in the power of obtaining insight and inspiration from the experiences of those who have preceded us. Presently, Arianna continues to write historical works, fictional novels, and musical scores. She now writes for The Paragon Agency.
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Guy D. Ball

A technical writer by trade, he writes on a variety of topics that interest him including history and early electronics. A local historian by avocation, he’s written several books on Tustin and Santa Ana history and works to interest residents with their community’s history. Guy has been involved with several area historical societies as board member, webmaster, and digital publication team leader.  Latest Book

“Loss of a cultural heritage is similar to an individual plagued with amnesia.” —Michael Miniaci
Michael Miniaci

Growing up in east Stockton, California, Michael was always interested in History. He was interested in remnants of the past such as old buildings and historic landmarks. He felt that preserving elements of the past is necessary for stabilization of our culture.
From his years teaching high school to three decades as a Supervising Historic Ranger for Orange County Parks, Michael had studied and restored all historic sites within the OC Parklands. He wrote for The Paragon Agency.
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Pedro Garcia

Pedro Garcia is a historic writer on the American Civil War. With a degree in history from the Cal State University, at Northridge, Pedro produced many published articles of academic note in his field.  writings. His work plus the research of Civil War Submarine Warfare, is a high point of his work, within the immense scope of the American Civil War. Pedro lived in San Diego, California. Latest Book

Nicole Swinford

With her B.F.A in Television and Broadcast Journalism from Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media, Nicole's work in media includes experience in multiple newsrooms on both the local and national level - and in mediums covering  print, online, television, and radio. She lives in Los Angeles and works as a writer in the film industry. Latest Book

Laura Neis

Laura Neis lives in Orange County California and currently attends The University Of Notre Dame out in Indiana. She then discovered The Paragon Agency through her sister, a history major, who attended a local university in Orange. Having worked on two aviation projects, she fell into the story of the Pan American Clippers and a personal story of a Flight Engineer — that reads more like an Indiana Jones film script. Presently she looks forward to returning to Orange County, where she shares a home with her parents, sisters & a cat. Latest Book

Dr. Ryozo Kimihira

Ryozo (Kimi) attended the Tokyo Institute of Technology, majoring in electronic engineering where he earned a BA, MA and PhD degrees. in 1972, he moved to Los Angeles to work for Akai America. Here he attended UCLA business school and received an MBA then started his own business: Kimihira & Taylor Associates, Inc., an International Consulting Firm in Los Angeles. He has authored five books in Japanese and two books on WWII in both English and Japanese. Latest Book

William Pennington
Snavely Jr.

Growing up at the University of Connecticut William spent much of his time at airports watching the planes land and take off. As a teenager he flew gas engine model airplanes and helped to develop a battery powered model aircraft -- after being told it wasn't possible. Later in life he looked at the Earhart mystery and discovered that of all the theories out there, each played a part in the real story. In stead of starting at the end of her flight -- he started looking from where she flew out. Latest Book

Dr. Colleen Whyte

Dr. Colleen Whyte is a Marriage and Family Therapist. She is also an RN and holds a Ph.D. in psychology. She maintained a private practice in Pasadena for the past 25 years and served as a Clinical Supervisor of Mental Health Interns since 1987. Dr. Whyte’s husband John, a long time practicing Pasadena attorney, died from the disease in 1998.   Latest Book

Kate Ruland-Thorne

Kate Ruland-Thorne is an author, journalist, historian and writing coach with more than 30 years experience in the field of writing, editing and publishing. She has written, edited and published nearly a dozen books and more than 1,000 magazine and newspaper articles.  Latest Book

Dr. Debbie Roberts

Dr. Debbie Roberts is an expert in Middle Eastern cultural and political affairs. Her knowledge, training, and experience in the U.S. military have provided her with the background to give readers a rich understanding of events that have taken place in the region. Her close interaction living among the people in the region has given her a unique insight into Middle Eastern culture. Latest Book

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