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  Raising the
Northern Blockade

Submarine Warfare in the Civil War
By Pedro Garcia

Memoirs from Captain Glassell, First Person to Pilot a
Submarine in an Act of War

-- A First Person Account of America's History --

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Attempts to build a fleet of metal submarines during the Civil War, results in the success with the only wooden, steam powered submarine of the Confederacy.

Raising the
Northern Blockade
Submarine Warfare in the Civil War
By Pedro Garcia

6 x 9 Softcover
150 Pages - 75 Illustrations
-- Largest Submarine in the World --
Based upon a first person account
50 Unpublished Photos from the 1860s
ISBN: 978-1891030-67-3
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CSS Palmetto

Original memoirs on the First powered submarine in America --
And the first to attack in mechanized warfare

As tempestuous and polarizing as it has been, no event in the history of this country is considered more defining than the Civil War. The ugly business of internecine conflict remains with us, and the war is the single most written about event in United States history. By the fall of 1863, Southerners found nothing humorous about the blockade, almost 500 ships patrolled Southern waters. Soon to appear and terrorize the seas of the Civil War were the last and most revolutionary innovation -- "infernal machines," i.e. underwater warfare. From this, Confederate naval strategy clearly emerges as a four-pronged "technical surprise" -- armored ships, rifled naval guns, commerce destruction, and submarine weapons.

-- Pedro Garcia, Author

"The volume of material available on Confederate submarines is astonishing and I know of no one else who could do justice to this story -- an unpublished account of Charleston, plus the added situation of the conscription of blacks by Nelson."

-- Publisher Douglas Westfall

If you want the history of Submarines in the Civil War,
You should get this book.

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