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-- American Women's Flying History --
Covering 100Years of Flight
A series of books,
All based upon the first-person accounts of
Women at Significant Times in
Their American History.


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The Sky And I
By Ann Holtgren Pellegreno

How I learned to Fly --
Before I flew around the world six years later.

6 x 9 Book -- 198 Pages
40 Illustrations plus a color section.

Surprising even herself, Ann Holtgren Pellegreno became a student pilot and donned her wings in 1961 — wings which would grow and span the globe in 1967, to fly the route of Amelia Earhart.

ISBN: 978-1-942329-20-6

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               This is Douglas Westfall, National Historian.

I publish books on America's History. Our authors always research their books, from the real people of our America through first person accounts. This brings the realism of the events to our books, while the illustrations provide the graphic story of our rich heritage -- these are:

            Books That Change America's History.

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Books that Change American History

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