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Sailing first class on the Titanic with family, a young man survives alone, and tells of the heroic efforts
of Captain and crew.

Story of the
Wreck of the Titanic
The Ocean's Greatest Disaster
By Marshall Everett

5˝ x 8˝ Softcover
350 Pages - 65 Illustrations
Originally published in 1912
-- Over 50 First Person Accounts --
1912 Reproduction Issue

ISBN: 978-1891030-03-1
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Both Printed & EBook


Contains original photographs of the
ship, iceberg, rescue, and the
Congressional review at the Astoria Hotel.

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A reprint of the first book on the Titanic.

Originally published weeks after the tragic sinking, this book contains first hand reports from eye-witnesses, artwork from newspapers and an actual photo of the iceberg which sank the great ship.

"The band played, marching from deck to deck, as the ship went under, I could still hear the music. The musicians were up to their knees in the water when I last saw them."

 -- Mrs. Brown, survivor

This is one story no one should miss:

Story of the Wreck of the Titanic
The Ocean's Greatest Disaster


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