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Port Hudson
Last Bastion on the Mississippi
-- Taken with the first major Black regiment in the Union --

By Pedro Garcia

Letters from Col. Nelson, Organizer of the Louisiana Guards
-- A First Person Account of America's History --

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Drafting the first Blacks into Union service, a young Colonel wins
the longest siege in America's history,
then is court-marshaled for doing so.

Port Hudson
Last Bastion on the Mississippi
By Pedro Garcia

5˝ x 8˝ Softcover
148 Pages - 80 Illustrations
-- 1st Black Regiment of the Civil War --
Based upon a first person account
40 Unpublished Photos from the 1860s
ISBN: 978-1891030-47-5
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Original Letters on the
Last Battle of the Mississippi
and the Story of the
First Black Regiment
of the Civil War

As far north as the Ohio River valley, the Mississippi River represented commerce to the Union. After a year of regaining control, only two ports were still in Southern hands: Vicksburg in Mississippi and Port Hudson in Louisiana. Confederate forces spent seven months fortifying an eight mile stretch of the river, constructing nine forts. But the Union forces were too much, for Vicksburg was taken on July 4, 1863 – the day after Gettysburg – and Port Hudson surrendered five days later, opening the Mississippi River to the Union.

If you want the history of the American Civil War,
you should get this book.

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"When I became aware of the availability of the manuscripts of Lt. Col. John A. Nelson, commander of the Union’s 3rd Louisiana Native Guards, I knew of no one else who could do justice to the material -- an unpublished account of Port Hudson, plus the added situation of the conscription of blacks by Nelson."

-- Publisher Douglas Westfall

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