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The Story of the Great Disaster, is the first book in a series of republications on San Francisco’s 1906 Earthquake and Fire. This an entire book, has been restored from 100 years ago. One hundred photos with panoramas, and a story by a man who was standing on Market Street when the earthquake hit.

10 inches x 7 inches Landscape
100 Illustrations; 108 pages
ISBN: 1-891030-63-9
$18.00 Softbound

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The Story of the
Great Disaster
San Francisco’s 1906 Earthquake and Fire

W. G. Zeigler

The Story of the Great Disaster is told here in words and pictures. Over 100 original photographs of San Francisco and the vicinity, provide a vista of the Earthquake and Fire. Detailed photographs of earthquake damage, and panoramas that show the sweeping devastation of the fire, cover the great city. Zeigler’s personal story, comes from his presence in the city at the time. Already a noted author, his graphic detail brings each corner and every building to light. Also included are the photographs of the resurrection, showing San Francisco up to a year after the great disaster.

A First Person Account of the Earthquake and Fire.

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