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The Voice in the Book™

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A new concept in book features is The Voice in the Book™
A first from

Books That Change America's History at have been offered for over two decades: first-person accounts of significant events, that alter America's history. Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of photographs -- one-third of which are unpublished.

Now new select titles come with an exclusive feature:
The Voice in the Book™

Milton Verberg from White Pearl, Red Sea

Now with any smart phone and QRC app, anywhere in the world, you can listen to a real piece of history -- the actual voice of the people in the book. The Voice in the Book™ is an original idea from

George Morte from 30 Days with Nat King Cole

The Voice in the Book™
A New Revolution in Books,
Which any Smartphone can read a
QRCode with an QRC App

These are in all chapters.

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"We've offered new features for decades: download large panoramas, gifts of films, our own Book Talk and the Instant Book Buy. Now with The Voice in the Book™ readers can listen to their American heroes and heroines. This is an exclusive from

-- Douglas Westfall, Publisher

The Voice in the Book™

Titles are available today, with more to come soon.

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