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Changes in Landscape is an excellent companion piece to our many books on the Missions of California. In addition, Michael Hardwick has provided a detail of Mission culture that many researchers can appreciate. Students of California Missions will find this an excellent resource.

 --Publisher, Douglas Westfall


6 x 9 inches
75 illustrations; 144 pages
ISBN: 1-891030-54-X


Changes in Landscape --
The Beginnings of Horticulture in the California Missions

Michael R. Hardwick

While much has been written on the Missions of California, little can be found on certain elements of our Spanish heritage. Such is the topic of horticulture, and the subject of this book. From the food that is placed on each table in California today, to the 200 year old trees that grace the historic Missions, the beginnings of horticulture in early California affect us all. In this second edition of Changes in Landscape, Michael Hardwick has excelled in presenting the legacy of Mission culture that touches us all: our food, our decorative plants, and our trees.

"Michael has worked as an archivist, lecturer, and writer in the field of Spanish Colonial History for many years. He organized and accessioned the La Purísima State Historic Park Mission Archive...his work is an ongoing research project...he has supplied material to other researchers and reporters for publications on mission horticulture and welcomes further exchange."

--Kristina W. Foss, Santa Bárbara Mission Museum Director

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