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The Greatest
-- Battle of the Lakota Nation --

Letters from the field
Wallace at the Little Big Horn

An Unpublished Eye-Witness Account
-- From the Man Who Discovered Custer --

-- By Douglas Westfall --

Two Men, 22 Manuscripts, & 20,000 Sioux  in 1876
-- A First Person Account of America's History --

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Leading the charge at Custer's Last Stand, a West Point graduate survives the battle, to be the one to discover and bury the famous Gen'l Custer.

Letters from the field
Wallace at the Little Big Horn
By Douglas Westfall

7 x 7 Softcover
200 Pages - 100 Illustrations
50 Transcripts from 1876
-- Over 50 unpublished Photos --
Based upon two First Person Accounts
ISBN: 978-1891030-01-7
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This is Douglas Westfall, and I write and publish books on America's History. I write to constantly keep you in touch with the characters in my book -- only they're not characters -- they are a real people of our history. These are Books that Change America's History.

Letters from the field
Wallace at the Little Big Horn

From the Man who found Custer's body...

 "It's the kind of thing a historian lives for: coming across never-published letters and postcards written in the field by an officer of the 7th Cavalry who fought at the Battle of the Little Big Horn." 

--   The Los Angeles Times

"We now discovered that...with less than 100 men we were fighting the whole Sioux nation.
Orders were given to mount and charge, and now was the
terrible slaughter."

2nd Lt. George Wallace

A first person account of Custer's Last Stand in 1876, written from cards and letters by a Second Lieutenant under Reno's command. The story from an actual survivor of the famous Battle of the Little Big Horn, recorded in letters, journals, and manuscripts. From an unpublished account of the man who found Custer's body. 

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