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Frank E. Reynolds
America's World Wide Oil
An Autobiography By Frank E. Reynolds


From the gulf of
Saudi Arabia in the Middle-East, to the coast of Venezuela in South America, America's search for oil is endless.

The development of America's  foreign oil industry during the first half of the previous century created a
world-wide business

On-site construction and under seas technology showed America's continued ingenuity despite problems that arose with the terrain, weather, and other nation's culture and changing politics.

New underwater technologies were developed to handle the problems of multi-nation industrial requirements.

Here,  from the autobiography of the former
President of the Engineering & Construction Division
of Santa Fe International, Inc.
is a personal story of intrigue, engineering, and ingenuity. Risking personal safety from on-site
hands-on management, through life-threatening
aircraft high-jackings, Frank Reynolds
was there to record his story.

Frank E. Reynolds
America's World Wide Oil
Autobiography By Frank E. Reynolds

6 x 9 Hardcover
192 Pages - 40 Illustrations
-- Based upon first a person account --
Photographs from 1960
ISBN: 978-1891030-64-2



Frank E. Reynolds
walks with
Saudi Arabia's
Minister of Defense,
The Prince
Sultan ibn Abdulaziz, after the opening of
Ra's Mish` ab in 1977.


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