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My American History


The Early Age of Jet Flight

-- Flight to Destiny --

This is the Story of
a Pan Am Pilot,
a Flight Attendant,
and the Dictator of
an Eastern Block Country.

In 1960, the cold war between the United States and the Iron Block countries is raging. Spies, espionage, and secret operations abound -- even on a Pan Am 707 Jet Aircraft. Captain Greg Bryce pulls his giant aircraft up from a 6,000 foot fall toward the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Saving the day, he is briefed back at the La Guardia marina, and is poised for another flight to Europe -- this time behind the Iron Curtain. Flight Attendant Pamela Martin is on that flight, but knows a secret that goes beyond the cold war, back to Nazi Germany and WWII.

Both Pam and Greg are on that flight, as is the Dictator of an Iron Block country who is in the middle of an assassination attempt. The day is saved but not by just anyone -- the surprise ending has multiple threads all tying into the same result.

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Flight to Destiny
A Pan Am History Novel
By Paul Rafford, Jr.

6 x 9 EBook
175 Pages

A story of espionage, bravery, and a heroine in the early days of jet flight.

ISBN: 978-1-891030-92-5

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