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Legends of the Flying Clippers -- Pan Am in WWII
By Douglas Westfall -- $30.00 Softcover
The Taking of Saipan -- Two Sides to Every Battle -- in WWII
By Douglas Westfall & Ryozo Kimihira -- $35.00 Softcover


Qty Item Description
Letters from the field -- Wallace at the Little Big Horn
By Douglas Westfall -- $18.76 Softcover
Prisoners of the Civil War -- The Story of Two Americans
By Douglas Westfall -- $24.95 Hardcover
Port Hudson -- Last Bastion on the Mississippi
By Pedro Garcia -- $12.00 Softcover
Rain of Fire -- B-29’s Over Japan, 1945
By Col. Charles L. Phillips, Jr. (Ret) -- $25.00 Softcover
The Hunt for Amelia Earhart -- America's Greatest Search
By Douglas Westfall -- $35.00 Softcover
Amelia Earhart's Radio -- How She Disappeared
By Paul Rafford, Jr. -- $25.00 Softcover
Amelia Earhart Survived -- Her Return to America
By Col. Rollin C. Reineck (Ret.) -- $35.00 Hardcover
Discovery of Flight 19 -- The Greatest Aviation Mystery of America
By Jon F. Myhre -- $25.00 Softcover
Two Weeks In San Francisco -- The Story of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire
By Douglas Westfall & Henry C. Koerper -- $30.00 Softcover
Recollection of the Fire -- San Francisco’s 1906 Earthquake and Fire
By James W. Byrne -- $12.00 Softbound
San Francisco Is No More -- San Francisco’s 1906 Earthquake and Fire
By Ronald G. Fick -- $12.00 Softbound
The Story of the Great Disaster -- San Francisco’s 1906 Earthquake and Fire
By W. G. Zeigler -- $18.00 Softbound
Americans of Japanese Ancestry in the Korean War  -- Memoirs of Warefare
By Robert M. Wada -- $20.00 Softbound


Qty Item Description
A Tour of Old Towne Orange -- Founded in 1871
By Douglas Westfall -- $18.71 Softcover
History of Escondido -- & The Grape Day Celebration
By Douglas Westfall -- $18.71 Softcover
Story of the Town of Bolsa -- From Spain to America
By Douglas Westfall -- $25.00 Leather Hardcover
Corona del Mar -- My Kind of Town
By Douglas Westfall -- $75.00 Hardcover
The Life of Emily Dickinson -- 'The Belle of Amherst'
By Douglas Westfall -- $15.00 Softcover
Twelve Flags Over California -- California's History Makers, 1542 - 1850
By Onnolee Elliot, Ph. D. -- $30.00 Hardbound
Changes in Landscape -- Beginnings of Horticulture in the California Missions
By Michael R. Hardwick -- $15.00 Softcover
Ranchos of Orange County -- Spanish & Mexican Heritage
By Virginia Carpenter -- $20.00 Softcover
Mission Dolores -- The Gift of St. Francis
By Br. Guire Cleary, S.S.F. -- $12.00 Softcover
A Guide to Historic San Juan Capistrano -- Established in 1776
By Mary Ellen Tryon -- $13.95 Softcover
Stories of Old El Toro -- Essays On A Time Gone By
By Joe Osterman -- $19.95 Softcover
History of Santa Ana -- City and Valley, 1887
Reproduction Issue -- $12.95 Softcover


Qty Item Description
Pioneers in Blue and Gray -- Civil War Veterans in Orange County
By Gordon Bricken -- $35.00 Softcover
Kwajalein -- From Stonehenge to Starwars
By Ted Burris -- $23.95 Hardcover
Frank E. Reynolds -- America's Middle-East Oil
By Frank E. Reynolds -- $20.00 Hardcover
Iowa Takes To The Air (V1) -- Volume One 1845-1918
By Ann Holtgren Pellegreno -- $25.00 Hardcover
Iowa Takes To The Air (V2) -- Volume Two 1919-1941
By Ann Holtgren Pellegreno -- $30.00 Hardcover
Iowa Takes To The Air (V3) -- Volume Three 1941-2003
By Ann Holtgren Pellegreno -- $35.00 Hardcover
Scottie's Favorites -- Menus & Memories
By Jackie Westfall -- $12.95 Softcover
A Genealogical Memoir of Benjamin Westfall -- (1740-1820)
Reproduction Issue -- $8.95 Softcover
  Jasper Newton Field, DD -- Founder of the University of Redlands
By Marie Webster Weisbrod -- $20.00 Softcover
Something Untamed -- From an American Poet
By Kathleen Gunton -- $12.95 Softcover
Historic Na`alehu -- Hawaii's Deep South
By Marge & Dennis Elwell -- $10.00 Softcover
Our Regenerating Universe -- New Theory of the Cosmos
By Robert J. Schier -- $25.00 Softcover


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