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My American History


The most remarkable story on aviation mysteries is the search in

-- The Bermuda Triangle --
The Lost Patrol &
Discovery of Flight 19


This is the Story of
the Discovery of
Flight 19


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This story began over six decades ago -- five TBM Avengers on a training mission in December of 1945, disappear into the Atlantic ocean. Navy Lieutenant Charles Taylor, leads the mission in aircraft FT-28, following a triangular flight path that leads from NAS Ft. Lauderdale east, then up past the Bahamas, and finally was to return to the starting point.

The mission began shortly after 2:00 pm and was last heard from five hours later. Sightings on both land and sea prompted a search that continued for five days. Yet, no trace of men or planes was ever found.


Did Flight 19 Disappear into the Bermuda Triangle?


The answer is found within this book:

Discovery of Flight 19

Retrace the mission from land to sea and back. Find the reasons that took the flight so far off course. Follow the sightings as they lead to the ocean ditching of three TBMs. See how a TBM-1C was pulled from the sea floor and two crash sites were located on land. None of the men of Flight 19 died within the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

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A former US Army pilot vows to never leave a man behind, and discovers crash sites of Flight 19.

of Flight 19
A 30-Year Search for the Lost Patrol in the Bermuda Triangle
By Jon F. Myhre

8.5 x 11 Softcover
202 Pages - 150 Illustrations
-- Based upon original Navy records --
Unreleased Color Charts & Maps
75 Unpublished Color & Sepia Photos
ISBN: 978-1891030-58-1
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The Lost Airman of Flight 19
A new Supplement
Available only with the Printed book.

Today there is only one headstone in Arlington National Cemetery for any of the crew of Flight 19: that of SSgt. George R. Paonessa. The office at Arlington does not know when the headstone was placed, nor who put the headstone there but they have verified there is no one under it.

The Lost Airman of Flight 19 Survived

(Supplement available only with the Printed book.)

First Person Accounts on
American History with
Hundreds of Unpublished Photographs

Flight 19 Book

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