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My American History


The most incredible story
of the American Indian Wars

-- The Battle of the Little Bighorn --

This is the Story of
the Greatest Battle Between the US Army & Native Americans

From the Men
who were there

The 130 year old legend of Custers's Last Stand still grips America's readers. George Armstrong Custer with over 600 men, stormed the largest encampment of plains Native Americans in recorded history. There to see the spiritual leader of the Lakota Nation, Sitting Bull, some 20,000 people defended their lodges and families, killing all of Custer's battalion.

Mid-day at the end of June in 1876, Custer with tired and poorly armed men, made his fatal mistake. As three troops attacked the front of the immense village, Custer charged into the midst. The result was told to the public on July 4th -- the centennial of the United States.

Was Custer's mistake made in dividing up his troops?

Were the men so outnumbered that the bullets seemed like hail?

Who of the US Army did actually survive the greatest Indian War battle?

The answers are supplied within this book:

Letters from the field

An untold story is captured in postcards and letters written from the field of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, along with a diary and correspondence log kept some 1,500 miles away. The West Point graduate and officer Wallace provides a gripping tale as he tries to care for his dwindling troop of men.


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Leading the charge at Custer's Last Stand, a West Point graduate survives the battle, to be the one to discover and bury the famous Gen'l Custer.

Letters from the field
Wallace at the Little Big Horn
By Douglas Westfall

7 x 7 Softcover
200 Pages - 100 Illustrations
50 Transcripts from 1876
-- Over 50 unpublished Photos --
Based upon two First Person Accounts
ISBN: 978-1891030-01-7
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First Person Accounts on
American History with
Hundreds of Unpublished Photographs

Custer's Last Stand Book

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